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For your convenience, we divided our pricing policy into five categories. Please click on or scroll down to the subject(s) of interest to you:

The information below is provided soley as a guideline. For more detailed information please contact us. All contact information is available on our contact page.

Initial consultations are at no charge and no obligation

Commercial Web Site Design...

Most web work is undertaken at a base rate of $95.00 per person/hour (special jobs may be taken on at a higher rate - we'll always tell you first!) + applicable taxes and travel and waiting time. The next logical question, of course, is, "How many hours does it take to create a web site?" Answering this question is extremely difficult because designing customized web pages depends on the size of the web site, how responsive the client is to our request for information and the graphic intensity, quality and originality. Another factor which greatly influences the design time is the level of artistic ingredient in the web site. So, asking us how long it will take to design a web site is like asking a painter how long it will take her/him to paint a very specific picture. To overcome the difficulty of providing an accurate estimate to our clients, we often find that we have to conceptualize the web site prior to providing costs to our clients. To make the matters even worse, there are no assurances to us that our client will like the concept we have based our costing on. For further information on web site design costing please read our WEBAware publication (#2) entitled Costing Your Web Site.

Having said all of this, we can, from experience, tell you that, typically, we will spend up to, about, three days in the creation of the original design. This process includes the development of a few pages from the under-layers - you get to see a manifestation of our vision for your web site. It is at this point where we confirm that we are on a path that we agree will serve you well. Knowing these things, we feel it is wise to start out budgeting for at least 40 hours. Certainly, we can start with a smaller budget but 40 hours is a comfortable place from which to begin a smaller site (maybe 15 pages +/-) that can easily be built upon. All this said, we recognize that everyone has different needs. Since we know the bare minumum needed to begin custom web site (re)design services cannot be, for us, under 10 hours we have made other (economy) opportunities available through and

In our experience, we have found that good content still supercedes cool graphics. We believe this because we know that good content attracts viewers who are interested in your services and/or products and not the tool (your web site) you use to convey your message. Also, because of the length of time required for the initial concept design, we ask our clients to approve our initial concept before proceding further. This prevents minor discrepencies from becoming irreconcilable problems. The important issue, to us, is to create successful, quality, classy web sites, that is, to create web sites which fulfill their objective in the most elegant and tactful fashion possible.

Please read the section on Miscellaneous Services to find out what we include in our web site design pricing structure.


We define upgrades as additions and/or major changes to the graphics or coding of a web site. A web site is very much like a magazine (as opposed to a book). Just like a magazine, a web site should get new content and/or a new cover on a regular basis. In fact, each time a new version of a browser is released (eg, Netscape or Internet Explorer) a site should be reviewed to assure that the coding is compatible with these new browser. At this time, from our experience, a web site should have a full review and, if necessary, refocussing at least once every year and minor upgrades (at least) quarterly depending on the size and objective of the web site. Generally, the smaller the web site - the more often it requires upgrading. We believe that web site upgrades and maintenance will become more important because Internet users are becoming more sophisticated and hungrier for new information.

Due to the large number of variables involved in providing estimates for upgrades, it is impossible for us to furnish more detailed information here. If you have a web site that has become stale, please feel free to contact us.


Web sites are maintained in order the keep the information current, the links functional and, above all, to keep your visitors coming back. The most important factor in web site maintenance is to recognize that it is easier to lose visitorship than to build it. It does not take great mathematical skills, therefore, to figure out that visitorship can quickly dwindle down to nothing. The first symptom of a site that is losing visitorship is a decrease in the number of visits to the second-level pages.

For the above reasons, we encourage all our web site clients to be diligent about maintenance. We also maintain pages not designed by us. Basic maintenance is not costly considering the initial investment. Depending on the type of content and the size of the site, maintenance starts at $37.50 per month based on our minimum 1/2 hour billing. We are not, at this time, recommending maintenance contracts. Rather, we recommend purchasing maintenance as needed.

...Miscellaneous Services

Unless specifically requested by our client, we always include marketing code in web pages designed by us. Also, unless otherwise agreed upon, we include the cost of registering client pages with major search engines. Provided we are given the required information and access to your server, we include the cost of uploading the web site to your server.

We also offer these services to individuals and companies with web sites not created by us at a cost of $75.00 per person/hour. The time required for this service depends very much on the size of the web site, the server and the number of search engines the site needs to be registered with. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

We offer a more intensive marketing service (advertising on other web sites, banners, requesting links, etc). We can advise on what you can do to advertise your site. While we still charge only $75.00 per person/hour, the amount of time required to do this usually is higher than simply registering your site with search engines and is costed on a by-the-job basis.

Terms of Payment...

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (+ G.S.T./H.S.T.) billed within Canada and U.S. Currency (no taxes are applicable) billed outside Canada. We have a one hour minimum charge. We require a 50% retainer of the estimated final billing to undertake any job. All payments are due upon receipt. We do not provide financing, however, you may pay by credit card. Once a service has been done on the part of the client the client is deemed to have received that service and the value is deducted from the retainer and/or becomes billable. Payment for services already provided are not subject to refund.

Minimums for existing clients are: 10 minutes/incident, 1/2 hr billing/month.

Galganov does not outsource!

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