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Web Site Design by Galganov is a premium web site designer specializing in high speed, high quality, effective, reasonably priced web sites. We don't use templates so we will design your site just for you. We develop custom graphics and layouts for all our work.
"we specialize in high speed, high quality, effective, reasonably priced web sites"
We take great care to ensure that the websites we build reflect their corporate image and philosophies. We employ our experience on the Internet, our business background and academically acquired knowledge to build sites that do more than look pretty. We are dedicated to applying contemporary good business practices. These are, "quality content", relevancy, easy to find web addresses (appropriate domain names) and intelligent, intuitive designs - sites that have form and function!

"quality web site design,
e-commerce solutions,
web site hosting,
upgrades & maintenance,
statistics & analysis,
and lots more!
Web Site Design by Galganov is responsive to your needs. Besides our intensive business approach and follow-up service we provide comprehensive maintenance services or self-maintenance solutions (or any combination of the two), regular upgrades and site performance analysis as requested.

Please feel free to review elements of our portfolio. You will be going to actual sites in action - not extracts of sites on our server. You can return to our web site via a link to us at the bottom of almost any client page. When you do decide to come to us for your site, please give us a few web addresses of sites you visit or have visited and why you do or don't like them.

At Galganov & Associates we are a total Internet presence provider. From recommending web site content to creating the design and
"we are a total Internet presence provider"
uploading it to your server (or even helping you find a server or hosting your web site for you) - we do it all! We can assist with the marketing of your site and handle its maintenance and regular upgrades. We also provide access analysis reports if you so desire. All you really have to do is tell us about yourself and your Internet aspirations.

Need help getting your merchant account? Contact us. We'll put you together with the right merchant account provider for your needs!

Do you want to forget all this stuff? Do you want to just talk to us? contact us or simply phone us at:
(ON, CA) +1-519-752-5381 or
(IL, US) +1-912-312-7852.

Galganov does not outsource!

KIS.BIZ® - Keeping It Simple in Business
Galganov & Associates supports the principles of free speech on the Internet. We do, however, actively reject the practice of spam and/or Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE).


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